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Standard Thermowells for Adjustable Angle Industrial Thermometers

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MODELSTEM LENGTH"U" DIMMATERIAL1-5 pcs6-11 pcs12+pcs 25+ pcsDEL.
T1S3D29"8"Brass$91.85$78.07$68.89Call1-2 wks
T1T3D212"11"Brass$144.40$122.74$108.30Call1-2 wks
T6E3D23-1/2"2-1/2"304 SS$94.75$80.54$71.06Call1-2 wks
T6M3D26"5"304 SS$118.05$100.34$88.84Call1-2 wks
T6S3D29"8"304 SS$170.70$145.10$128.03Call1-2 wks
T6S3D212"11"304 SS$187.90$159.72$140.93Call1-2 wks
T4E3D23-1/2"2-1/2"316 SS$86.60$73.61$64.95Call1-2 wks
T4M3D26"5"316 SS$122.45$104.08$91.84Call1-2 wks
T4S3D29"8"316 SS$166.45$141.48$124.84Call1-2 wks
T4T3D212"11"316 SS$205.45$174.63$154.09Call1-2 wks